Latex Processing Method

Latex Processing Method

The Latex Mattress And The Rubber Tree

The latex mattress originally starts being made from a process that starts at the rubber tree. Most rubber is taken from rubber trees that are between 5 and 30 years old in order to make the latex mattress. Rubber trees grow along the equator and in warm/tropical climates. These trees can live up to 100 years old, but the rubber is generally harvested out of them when they are young trees.

The latex that comes out of three itself is a white, milky substance that comes out of the tree when the harvesters of it tap into the tree with a device that will allow them to collect the latex out of the tree. A latex tree typically will not produce that much latex as they are fairly small trees. It takes the latex out of many trees in order to produce one latex mattress.

However, the Rubber tree can produce latex for up to eight years. The harvester will typically harvest it from one side of the tree for four years and then from the other side of the tree for another four years. When the Rubber tree does die the harvester will plant at least two trees in its place

This process is 100% environmentally friendly. The latex mattress is also 100% natural if it is just made from the rubber trees.

Collection and Processing of the Latex For The Latex Mattress

Because Latex is a natural product it has to be watched over during the entire collection and harvesting process. Latex can spoil and so it has to be treated with the proper chemicals shortly after it is collected or else it will spoil very quickly. If it is not treated shortly after it is harvested it will begin to harden into a hard gum like substance.

This is where the fresh latex is processed. The processing facilities are owned either by local dealers that have relationships with the rubber factories, or are part of company-owned cooperatives. At the processing facilities the latex is centrifuged to remove water, proteins and impurities. Ammonia is added to preserve the product for its trip to the factory and storage.

Once the latex is processed it is then taken to storage facilities . These storage facilities are connected directly with the latex mattress factories around the world. At these faculties all of the impurities are removed from the latex that was harvested and then ammonia is added to the latex in order to perverse it so it can then be shipped to the latex mattress factories that are located in different places around the world.

In order for the latex to produce a high quality latex mattress the latex itself has to be of the highest quality. When the latex is harvested and when it is taken to the processing facilities there are measures that have to be taken to make sure that only the highest quality latex is sent to the latex mattress factories. After the latex is sorted for quality control it is then moved into storage and waiting to be shipped to the latex mattress factories.

The Making of a Latex Mattress Foam

To begin the process the latex is whipped into a foam and then it is heated (vulcanized) in the presence of sulphur. There are two different ways to vulcanize latex. They are called the Talalay and Dunlop processes. The Talalay process considered to be the most advanced process for making the latex mattress. What this process does is the foam latex is injected into an aluminum pin core mold.

This mold is then sealed and once the mold is sealed a vacuum is removed to push the air completely out of the mold so that it can be filled completely with latex. The latex is then chilled to 20 degrees Fahrenheit which prevents the particles from settling completely and makes sure that it will have a consistent cell structure. Once then has taken place C02 is then introduced for the purpose of gelling the latex.

At that point the mold is then heated to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and it is then heated into its final state. Once it is molded into its final state it is then washed. Going through this process allows the mattress to have a consistent firmness throughout it. This is what makes the latex mattress so durable and comfortable.

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